Let’s face it; not everyone is a big fan of team building, especially in the workplace. However, it offers significant value for the employees and the company as a whole. Gathering your team together for something that is non-work related provides everyone with the opportunity to get to know each other. Here are a few reasons investing in your employees through team building is beneficial: 


Encourages Better Communication – Engaging with others in the office through team building creates a bridge not only between employees but also employees and management. Team building helps to create a work environment that is comfortable for everyone. You’ll find that employees are more willing to talk to and work on projects with people they may not know. Small activities outside the office set the foundation for collaboration, acceptance of differing views, and stronger communication within the workplace. 

Improves productivity – Team building most often helps employees learn how to work together. When employees know how to get along in the office, stress is reduced. The time spent focusing on stress is freed up and can be put to use on other projects. A less-stressed team leads to higher productivity and performance levels. Team building also comes in handy when workloads are at their peak. Instead of working individually to get the job done, employees come together to create an “efficient system” where everyone is contributing with no issue. 

Promotes Creativity – Exercises in team-building provides employees with the opportunity to solve problems outside of the regular work routine. Collaboration produces some great ideas that are creative and can help make the workplace more efficient. Providing employees with the opportunity to collaborate outside of the office makes them feel more comfortable with doing it in a work setting. 

Develops Problem Solving Skills – Gathering your team together to solve problems helps improve their ability to think in rational and strategic ways. Teams that know how to handle a problem when it arises are less likely to succumb to roadblocks like differences in opinion or simply not being able to consult with a colleague on the best next steps. Team building activities can also give employees an insight into who are the best people to turn to when a problem comes up. This develops trust and camaraderie among team members. 


Happy teams and team members make office life a breeze for everyone (including clients). Having activities for your team to complete together outside of work provides an opportunity for them to connect in new ways. All while giving your team members the confidence to handle problems when they arise with creativity and open communication.