The Extraordinarily Ordinary

Life of Prince

Enter the magical world of a little boy with a big imagination in Prince A. Sanders’s delightful debut, Which Fork’s First? From the very first page of this unique children’s book, kids will learn proper table manners while embarking on a whimsical romp through the Big Apple! The first in the Extraordinarily Ordinary Life of Prince series, Which Fork’s First? introduces six-year-old Prince, a smart and curious little boy who lives with his mother, father, and brother in New York City. Along with his hamster and constant companion, Popcorn, Prince embarks on a series of adventures that ultimately teaches him some of life’s more puzzling lessons.


The Story

It is Prince’s birthday weekend, and his family has surprised him with the best gift of all: tickets to a Broadway show and a fancy, grown-up dinner at the New York Hotel. Prince is over the moon, but quickly learns that there is a catch. In order to dine at such an upscale eatery, Prince must learn proper table etiquette—and fast! Accompanied by engaging illustrations that will simultaneously spark children’s imaginations while sending them into fits of giggles, Which Fork’s First? follows Prince’s often hilarious road toward politeness. As difficult as it may seem to Prince while he tries to keep the forks, glasses, and napkins straight, he learns that anything is possible with the help of his family and trusty sidekick.

Which Fork’s First? is the perfect book for parents, grandparents, or teachers who would like to teach kids proper table etiquette in a fun and interactive way. Written for children up to age twelve, this imaginative debut showcases an inventive blend of learning and laughter.