Press on Prince A. Sanders

Prince A. Sanders resides in the hustle and bustle of New York City, but his success – brought about by his expertise and charisma – has been widely praised in both national and international sources. Below you will find a collection of press mentions, interviews with him, and articles he’s written. Keep checking back as more press is added.

Hospitality Press

” . . . Prince A. Sanders, was named as a top-three finalist for General Manager of the Year in The HSMAI Greater New York Chapter Awards of Excellence 2019. “

” [Prince A. Sanders] is the recipient of the 2010 Leader of the Year Award for his work at The Ritz Carlton.

” . . . when you are a guest at the Trump . . .  [Prince A. Sanders] is going to make your life wonderful – and your  trip memorable.

As a leader, I had to adjust, re-evaluate the needs of my team . . . and continue to motivate them as we re-evaluated our strategy in the luxury hotel environment.

the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York . . . has just announced the complete renovation of its common areas and its 176 apartments ” [Portuguese]

” . . . Prince A Sanders was a ballet dancer with no formal training in hospitality. Today, he heads Trump International Hotel & Tower New York, leads a dance community and writes children’s books.

” . . . you either come out on the other side better or worse than before. Don’t sit back and wait until things feel normal again to plan your recovery.


If you ever felt that when you walked in the door of one of the traditional hotels that you weren’t quite fancy enough . . . this is a place where you could come in and feel welcomed.

For [Prince A. Sanders], The Park Lane Hotel represented the opportunity to create a freshness within the realms of luxury hospitality and define a new way forward – inclusive luxury.

As a hotel operator [Prince A. Sanders] had to look at each piece of the design to ensure that there would be functionality along with beauty.

” . . . what I can do is create something that’s unexpected that people would never believe would be on Central Park. We’re going to be a little different, a little off center.

” The Park Lane New York, led by popular Managing Director Prince A. Sanders, rises 47 stories into the New York skyline and is situated just steps away from Central Park

On Thursday, Siriano, model Alek Wek and the hotel’s managing director Prince A. Sanders . . . hosted “Park After Dark,” to reveal the official redesign of the 36 Central Park South hotel.

Throughout his career, Sanders has broken down barriers being the only African American General Manager of a Forbes 5-star hotel with a 2 Michelin-star restaurant.”

” [Prince A. Sanders] is the embodiment of enduring charisma and energy. He brings this energy to his team, encouraging them to ‘make an impression, and let it resonate’ with guests.

How the dancer, director and space-maker Prince A. Sanders made his way from the stage to the foyer of NYC’s legacy hotel, Park Lane New York.

The true beauty in Sanders’ professional contributions at Park Lane is how it highlights the power of following one’s passions. 

Perhaps what’s most striking about Park Lane, however, is how accessible it feels. In an area known for its exclusivity, the hotel is the sort of place you can saunter into, no questions asked. 

“If you’re going to do it — do it with a smile.” Prince A. Sanders

Book Press

Prince is a charming hero, and Popcorn is an adorable sidekick, and they’ll certainly draw readers back for future episodes in the series. 

Which Fork’s First is a successful attempt at teaching children table manners and, much to the delight of parents, fills a chasm in today’s picture book market.