Communication is key in any professional workplace, especially when it comes to talking with your supervisor. Making sure your supervisor is in the loop is essential to not only your success but your team’s success. A strong & positive relationship with your boss can also boost your morale, productivity, and happiness; this could lead to higher self-esteem and maybe even a promotion. Those who know how to communicate effectively show a level of leadership that is appreciated by all. Here are a few tips for better communication with your supervisor: 

Know When to Communicate: Make sure you recognize the style / form of communication that your supervisor appreciates the most. Some like one sentence emails, while others prefer a detailed description of what is going on. Sandy Mazur, a division president at Spherion, suggests that you take the time to learn how your supervisor likes to communicate, and then mimic that specific style. Knowing distinct communication styles improves your working relationship. 

Develop a Working Relationship: It’s always good to have a relationship with your boss where you feel like you’re connected. Make sure you take the time to connect with your supervisor by getting to know them and keeping them up to date on what you’re working on. 

Keep Everyone in the Loop: No matter what happens, it’s essential to keep your supervisor in the loop. Let them know about both good and bad news because both types of news should be brought up to the appropriate channels. Finding out information from you rather than someone else is vital. If your supervisor has to look for information from someone else, you could end up hurting your working relationship.  

Be Prepared: When you have to share information with your supervisor, always come prepared. Having everything you need will improve not only communication but also help you build a better relationship. Also, having all of the necessary information you need to communicate will make it easier to do so. 

Be a Problem Solver: If your supervisor comes to you with a problem, offer a solution! Coming up with creative ways to solve issues shows not only initiative but also leadership. You’ll quickly become the go-to for any issues that may arise in the office. Your team and supervisor alike will also be able to trust that you’ll get the job done, no matter the situation. 

Accept Feedback (It’s not a criticism): Another essential part of communication with your supervisor is accepting all feedback that comes your way. Make sure you digest everything you hear and use the feedback to create solutions. Offering excuses or blame in return to your supervisor is not good. According to Inc., “Even if you think you are in the right, your message is not getting communicated to the boss clearly.” Fix the communication and turn all feedback into a “corrective solution.” 

Learning how to communicate with your supervisor successfully is not only beneficial to you but also your supervisor. By learning how to communicate like a leader, you raise your standards of effective work practices.